When it comes to our brick and masonry services, there is no job too big or too small for Top Notch! We provide you and your home with a wide variety of quality brick masonry services. Our products and services are design to suit residential landscape and design needs.


Have you noticed a shift in your floors, front porch, stairs or even cracks in your walls, this could be a sign of foundation issues! When you choose use to repair these breaks, you are choosing a company that brings over 33 years of experience to every job that we perform. We truly know what it takes to repair any project to ensure that we keep your home valuable, looking beautiful, and feeling comfortable for as long as possible. Do not get stuck with a shifting front porch, slanted front steps, or a cracked foundation! You can trust us to keep your home your favorite place to live and relax. Aside from this, we can also repair your brick lentles, sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete or hard structures.
Putting Bricks — foundation repair in Norfolk, VA

Remodels & Installations

Just like any stone or brick structure, maintenance can be needed over time. Sometimes an older chimney needs replacement, or perhaps a new structure needs to be put in the place of another. We are here to create your dream driveway, sidewalk, chimney or other hard structure! Additionally, we can perform smaller service, such as chimney cap installation and more.
Old home or new home, we are here to work with you! Call us today for your free estimate!